Long Days Farm

Naturally-Grown Vegetables and Free-Range Eggs

42 Durfee Road

Buskirk, NY  12028

518 677-8128


Welcome to Long Days Farm!


We are a small farm located in South Cambridge, New York, at the southern tip of Washington County.

We began as home gardeners and have remained true to our roots. We love fresh vegetables and take great pride in providing as many types as we can think of for our family and customers. We are also adventurous and love to experiment with new and unusual varieties, searching for the vegetables with the best flavor. Our heritage laying hens wander freely,
fertilize our soil, and produce eggs with the brightest orange yolks you have ever seen

And because our farm feeds our family, we only use pesticides and fertilizers that are approved for organic production. Our GMO-free chicken feed is locally produced and contains no antibiotics.

So stop by our farm stand, whether you want to stock up on eggs, pick up a couple of tomatoes and an onion for dinner, try a white eggplant, purple pole bean, yellow watermelon, or fatalii pepper (if you dare), or compare garlic varieties. We will be happy to give you a tour, introduce you to the goats and baby chicks, or talk about growing carrots.



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Red and Yellow Onions



Know what you want? Call or email us with your order, and we will have it ready for when you arrive.


Birds of Long Days Farm

We own 15 acres of diverse habitat, which includes a field, a pond, and a wooded swamp. Check out the list of birds I have spotted on our property.